Steering Committee on Content for the Digital Roadmap

The Steering Committee on Content for the Digital Roadmap is integral to providing the direction necessary to bring the Digital Roadmap vision into reality and to ensure its responsiveness in the ongoing maintenance phase. The Steering Committee will: (1) evaluate options and present a plan to maximize the availability of content for repurposed uses, including content drawn from the Annual Meeting and other offerings throughout the year, as well as options for new sources of content; and (2) develop use cases for the content. The Steering Committee will also: (1) appoint a three-person Task Force on Academic Currency to articulate the objectives of the proposed process of tracking professional contributions through RSNA, to identify the types of contributions relevant as academic currency; and recommend an appropriate name for the reports that will be provided to members; and (2) evaluate and recommend steps moving forward to implement a Case Repository, including appropriate volunteer oversight.

Donald J. Flemming, MD, Education Committee Chairman
Hershey, PA

Christine O. Menias, MD, Education Exhibits Committee Chairman
Phoenix, AZ

Charles E. Kahn Jr, MD, MS, Radiology Informatics Committee Chairman
Philadelphia, PA

Ruth C. Carlos, MD, MS, Research Development Committee Chairman
Ann Arbor, MI

Jeffrey S. Klein, MD, Editor, RadioGraphics
Burlington, VT

Matthew A. Mauro, MD, Liaison for Education
Chapel Hill, NC

Curtis P. Langlotz, MD, PhD, Liaison for Info. Technology and Annual Meeting
Menlo Park, CA

Stephanie Taylor , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL