Radiology Research Faculty Grant Study Section

Responsible for evaluating, scoring, and preparing written critiques for the Foundation's radiology research faculty grant applications. Study section review process is patterned after NIH grant review process.

Sameer A. Ansari, MD, PhD, Member
Chicago, IL

Tammie S. Benzinger, MD, PhD, Member
Saint Louis, MO

John A. Carrino, MD, MPH, Member
New York, NY

Peter L. Choyke, MD, Member
Bethesda, MD

J. Kevin Demarco, MD, Member
Bethesda, MD

Benoit Desjardins, MD, PhD, Member
Philadelphia, PA

Jason Druzgal, MD, PhD, Member
Charlottesvle, VA

Barbaros S. Erdal, PhD, Member
Columbus, OH

Christopher G. Filippi, MD, Member
New York, NY

Michael S. Gee, MD, PhD, Member
Boston, MA

Alexander R. Guimaraes, MD, PhD, Member
Portland, OR

Hyun S. Kim, MD, Member
New Haven, CT

Maciej A. Mazurowski, MS, PhD, Member
Durham, NC

Gordon McLennan, MD, Member
Cleveland, OH

Glen R. Morrell, MD, PhD, Member
Sandy, UT

Mizuki Nishino, MD, MPH, Member
Boston, MA

Karun V. Sharma, MD, PhD, Member
Mc Lean, VA

Stephen Thomas, MD, Member
Chicago, IL

Christopher T. Whitlow, MD, PhD, Member
Winston Salem, NC

David A. Woodrum, MD, PhD, Member
Rochester, MN

Chun Yuan, PhD, Member
Seattle, WA

Katherine A. Zukotynski, MD, Member
Ancaster, ON canada

Scott Walter, MS , Staff Contact
Oak Brook, IL